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Honda Bf225 bad fuel pump

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  • Honda Bf225 bad fuel pump

    So I have replaced the low pressure filter, high pressure filter and feule pump filter and am still having my issue. Basically, the motor barely idles and runs terrible when you put some gas to it. In fact, all it does is bog down. I have run the motor on a remote gas tank with fresh fuel to test for problems. Nothing changes and my kicker runs fine with the gas in the boat. I have inspected the plugs and all check out okay. my last guess is that the fuel pump is not throwing out enough pressure to properly run the motor. I hate to just purchase a new pump and not need it. I have inspected the vst system and all looks good. The float and needle are not seized and seem to be in proper working order. Would a bad injector cause these symptoms? i am really down to my last gasp here before I breakdown and tow the boat 8 hours to a certified honda mechanic up here in AK.

    i am going to be purchasing some o-rings so let me know. Is there any way to test the pump since it is already out of the housing?

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    It needs to have compession test run and spark check, check TPS and idle control valve.
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      I replaced the high pressure fuel pump and high pressure fuel pump screen, nothing has changed and it still runs like garbage and is unusable. I sprayed out the IAC with maf cleaner and no dice. Is it possible that it is a tps sensor?

      How do I manually pull codes with a paperclip to find out?