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BF200 sucked water in intake

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  • BF200 sucked water in intake

    While cruising with my BF200 in a 2ft chop, a wave splashed up against the starboard side and splashed the motor. The motor immediatly started running rough to the point that it just about died. It finally smoothed out and I realized the intake is on top of the motor and it obviously sucked some water. This seems rather dangerous and poor design when any kind of wave in rough seas could cause havoc with this outboard. Has anyone else experienced this and is there any fix?

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    no fix
    this is normal


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      It's an Application issue

      I was surprised when my new Honda BF225 ran rough then shut down after less then 10 hours.
      After the fourth time the surprised was gone, but you never really get use to it. The authorized Honda dealer I bought the motor from told me not to worry that Honda would stand behind it. Honda told me it was an "application issue" seems these motors should not be put on boats that go out in open water. Checking the plugs after you may find water. Depending on how much water it sucked up, I some times need to change the high pressure fuel filter. Its made of paper and it doesn't like to get wet. I now keep a tow service on speed dial and I always take the unlimited tow option. Don't forget to keep you anchor at the ready.