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    I need some help finding a part for my outboard. First let me say that I live in a remote part of southern baja california so getting parts is always a challenge. Here's my story:

    I have a 1999 BF130 that has served me well up until recently. She started missing when coming out of idle. I checked with the local shop and ordered some tune up parts and asked specifically for all the fuel filters knowing she would have a couple. They sold me two. After the tune up she didn't run any better. I don't have a service manual but I know there is a filter in the high pressure fuel pump or vapor separator so I started nosing around. Sure enough, there is a paper element filter in there so I ordered one. They sent me a metal canister fuel filter that does not belong anywhere on my motor. I started an internet search that let me here. After browsing a bit I found the schematics on this site and the same canister filter is listed. It's completely different than the one on my motor.

    Anybody out there familiar with this motor? Are there different types of high-pressure pumps or vapor separators used in these motors? This is a small paper element filter that is goes in a compartment right on the high-pressure pump.

    I can post a photo if that helps.

    Please help a guy out - I can't run my boat without this.

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    The paper type fuel filter element was on the 2003 and up models, Did it have the vapor separator tank and fuel pump replaced? Look at link to see if that is what you have.
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      That's the one.

      I'm not the original owner, it must have been replaced.

      You rock, thanks for the help.