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1999 BF130 Head Gasket

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    Yes that should have all the gaskets you need.

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  • KeyWest196
    started a topic 1999 BF130 Head Gasket

    1999 BF130 Head Gasket

    I recently noticed on my 1999 BF130XCA that the head gasket on the side opposite the intake has slid out a little and there is a very little dribble of water exiting the block at this point. It looks like the part of the gasket that should go around the other side of the head bolt either corroded or was damaged when installed...and has allowed this movement of the head gasket. question is does the gasket kit P/N 06115-ZW5-040 have all the gaskets I need to change the head gasket and the block anodes too? I want to go ahead and change the anodes inside the water jacket while I'm in there.
    Thanks for your help