OOps never mind - I found it and it was the fuse (although the fuse looks fine). But for other owners not familiar with this stuff, the problem was -- any surprise here? -- the manual diagram fuse case bears very little resemblance to the actual one - which is much thinner in height, and off white plastic - in the back on top on the right side. I was looking for a black plastic case. Also it has the copy 20A barely visible on the top.

This is a 4 stroke. Pretty sure fuse went yesterday as suddenly after docking and turning the motor off it would not tilt or turn over. Totally dead. My problem is from the transom of my sailboat its very hard to see or reach the back of the motor. Its a pain to get and launch my dingy to view more of it. I see in the manual the little diagram what the case looks like and its setting (gee could they provide any less of a diagram?) - but can anyone describe where it is? Thanks