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Float valve must be sticking? Defective part?

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  • Float valve must be sticking? Defective part?

    This is a 1.5 year old 8hp electric start with less than 60 hours on it. Various mechanics - including my loser dealer - have freed up a sticking float valve by tapping on the carb or starter fluid. I SAY ITS A DEFECTIVE PART, UNDER WARRANTY - but they say it must something in the fuel. I baby this engine and fuel - NEVER a drop of ethanol fuel and get this. Two fuel filters and a water separator they installed. I have used carb cleaner once in the fuel and their mechanic added some.

    When the HOnda mechanic got it going last year - I had to tap the carb the next two times I tried - LATER THAT DAY. Then it was stored for the summer. Then I had the carb removed and cleaned for launching earlier this month. After 4 hours it didnt start again - yesterday AFTER RUNNING FOR AN HOUR AT ALMOST FULL SPEED - and then off for 20 minutes. I had to use starter fluid. Then this morning I had to tap on the carb and it started instantly.

    I am at wits end and dont know what to do.I have owned many outboards around this size and never babied any as much as this one and had NO problems. I want a new carb and think the dealer should just do it. They have been pricks so far telling me THEY have to decide its a defect in materials and THEN send it to Honda to see if they agree.

    My option is to use a very expert factory trained (Mercury) outboard mechanic to replace it - the guy who cleaned it. THIS IS A BAD FLOAT VALVE from the start, PERIOD - do people agree??

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    You don't have to replace the entire carb. Just open and see if there is any residue that causes the float to stick. A normal ultrasonic clean should remove all the residue. Otherwise use a carb rebuild set. all the small parts are replaced then.

    Every mechanic can do this simple repair.


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      float valve ok - now different problem

      First of all, I dont see now how to start a new post??? Also I need to know where to find the fuse case on this HOnda 8 hp 2016 4 stroke. I can only see some of the motor from the transom of my sailboat and hate to have to get my dingy out. Thanks anyone to either - over all I find this site pretty bad in terms of doing things


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        There is a "New Thread" Red button on home page just click on that to start a new thread.
        The Fuse is next to positive battery post on engine, just follow battery cable to starter relay and fuse is next to it.
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