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BF15 Ignition trouble?

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  • BF15 Ignition trouble?

    Hi. I'm new here - just found the site.

    I have an '89 BF15 that has been giving me trouble for quite some time. It began by refusing to idle for the first few minutes to a couple hours, and then clear up and run perfect the rest of the day. I've heard these are "cold blooded" creatures, but even running it under load for extended periods would not correct the idle issue. I should say that I use this as a kicker on a 17 1/2 Spectrum and dead slow idle is desired for some of my fishing.

    I've been told it's likely a carb issue and would need to have it cleaned in a hydrosonic bath. I disagree with that because when it decides to run right, it runs righteously. A clogged jet wouldn't mysteriously plug and clear itself every day. However, I have cleaned the carb and run copious amounts of SeaFoam thru it.

    It has always started easily, and would run under load - until yesterday. Then it barely fired on one cylinder and struggled along slower than the starter spins it. After about five minutes and several restarts, it finally came up to speed, but still died several times before deciding it would continue running. I left it at high idle - no load while prepping the boat for a day of trolling, and it ran perfectly the rest of the day.

    I've been suspecting ignition for a while, so today I found the specs and started checking parts. Pulsar coil - in spec, Exciter coil - in spec, Igniton coil Primary side reads 2.4 ohms - spec is 0.35 - 0.43. I haven't got a read on the secondary side. Book says to remove the plug wire ends, but they don't seem to want to unscrew, if that how they come off, and, I can't get a read thru them. It seems to be an open circuit.

    {Edit: With plug wire ends attached I read 26.3 on the 200K scale. Spec is 8.01 - 9.79 ohms w/ ends removed. How do they come off?}

    In my past experience, weak coils perform worse under load and when hot. This seems to be the exact opposite. I'm leery of dishing out $100+ without some kind of confirmation.

    Sorry for being so long winded, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

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