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Problems with charging system (BF9.9D)

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  • Problems with charging system (BF9.9D)

    Below are the numbers for my 9.9 HP Honda outboard:

    Product Identification Number: BABJ-1,608,742
    Engine Serial Number: BEABJ-1,035,329
    Model Number: BF9.9D/10D (SHA)

    1.) I want to use the 12-volt DC charging feature of my Honda outboard. First of all, can someone please verify that my model should indeed have several amps of 12-VDC available at the plug WITHOUT needing to buy any additional add-on components?

    I cannot measure any DC voltage at the charging plug on the front of the motor when the motor is running at idle or higher RPMs. The voltage is 0.0. Following the wires all the way back I have verified that the 20-A fuse in the +12-V (red) wire is OK, and that there is also no DC voltage between the upstream side of the fuse and ground. I have also followed the same wire (which becomes white upstream of the fuse housing) further upstream of that to the point where it enters what I believe is a voltage regulator/rectifier. It enters a component along with 3 additional green wires. The component's part number in the diagram is #5 (31750-ZW9-013).

    2.) Why are there two different line items for part #5 listed in the table, with the same price ($59.04)? The descriptions are slightly different. Can someone please explain this? Which one do I need?

    3.) Can you please give me some ideas for how to troubleshoot this problem further? Is the problem likely to be part #5, or is it likely to be something else? The motor runs fine and starts every time.