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Thermostat on BF9.9D (SHA)

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  • Thermostat on BF9.9D (SHA)

    Below are the numbers for my 9.9 HP Honda outboard:

    Product Identification Number: BABJ-1,608,742
    Engine Serial Number: BEABJ-1,035,329
    Model Number: BF9.9D/10D (SHA)

    After returning from a nice day on the water I was using the earmuffs to rinse out the salt water. I noticed that the water flow from the pee hole first began to only spit intermittently, and then it stopped. I turned off the motor immediately.

    * I removed and cleaned the inlet screens (which were completely clean already).
    * I removed and cleaned the pee tube and its chassis feedthrough, which were both also clean already.
    * I removed the cover for the thermostat, removed the thermostat, and replaced the thermostat cover.

    Upon starting up the engine with fresh water flowing through the earmuffs, the pee hole immediately started flowing again. Am I correct to conclude that I should replace the thermostat? If so, can you please paste in the parts diagram and part number? If this is not the correct diagnosis, please send me some ideas for things to check. I do not yet own the Honda garden hose adapter kit, but I plan to buy one. Is the flush kit better than, just as good as, or not as good as the ear muffs when it comes to thoroughly rinsing out the salt?