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  • 1995 outboard

    I have just bought a 1995 8 HP. Honda outboard motor. four stroke.
    Problem is, it is hard to start when cold.
    When it finally starts it runs and idles good, starts first pull while warm.
    The motor hasn't had much use in previous years.
    I have replaced the plugs, oil levels are good, water pump works etc.
    Any help or suggestions would be great.

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    My 1998 BF8A had a similar problem. It needed more gas when cold than was possible in neutral due to the throttle limit. When in neutral for starting the throttle travel is limited. I ground down the stop limiting the throttle travel so I could open the throttle father when in neutral. If you look at the throttle links you will see what I am talking about. Try it - you have nothing to lose- it will allow you to open the throttle more when in neutral for cold starts.
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      8 Hp. Honda outboard

      Thanks' geopilot, I will try your suggestion with the throttle linkage. Will let you know how It works out. Thanks' again for the quick reply.


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        1995 Honda

        Thank you so much Geopilot.
        I ground the throttle stop back about an eight of an inch.
        The motor starts just like a Honda should, one pull from cold or worm.
        What a load off my mind, with such a simple and quick fix.
        Thanks' again.


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          Good news, and glad it worked. Thanks for confirming the fix. These small Hondas seem to like a lot of gas on a cold start.