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Starter Trouble

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  • Starter Trouble

    Occasionally my starter will act like the battery is dead. Only happens when it is warm and motor has be run for awhile. The starter engages with flywheel but doesn't have the power to turn engine over. I can try a couple of times and it always works but I'm concerned that one day it won't. I put a meter on the starter and when it works correctly I get about 10 volts or better. When the starter "hangs" I get 5 volts. I've checked connections and batteries are new and good. Do these readings definitely indicate a bad starter or could it be the magnetic switch? Had a new starter put in about a year ago but I think it may be bad.

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    Bad starter problems

    I'm having the exact same problem starts first time but if you switch the engine off after a while when I turn the key to restart its like the starters is not getting enough power, I just renewed the starter three weeks ago. If you get an answer to this problem please let me know


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      Seaspray, Did you also replace your magnetic switch. Based on what I read that is like a solenoid.