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  • Prop question

    I have a 99 BF50A, the prop is 11-1/8x13 and is a little chewed up. The spare that came with the boat that is really chewed up is an 11-1/4x13. With the 11-1/8 installed, I am running 4100 RPM WOT. The boat is a 99 Carolina Skiff CC, with front and back decks, 16 gallon fuel tank and say another 350lbs when tested. The tach on the dash was reading about 5200 RPM, the 4100 came from my digital tach that attaches direct to spark plug wire #1. What prop should I start with, does anyone do like a loan to figure out program?

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    Depends on which tach is correct, if its 5200 rpm's then drop to a 11 pitch prop, if it's 4100 then look for smallest pitch prop can find for that model motor.
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      Turning Point Propellers offers a pitch exchange program to allow you to try different pitches. I have never tried their pitch exchange but I have used their props and was satisfied with the performance.