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1998 BF90 sat for a couple of years, what to check

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  • 1998 BF90 sat for a couple of years, what to check

    After buying this 24ft Voyager pontoon I tried to run it and it would not start and stay running.

    After reading some posts and talking to the Hionda Outboard dealer I had the carbs cleaned and tuned up.

    Runs great now but have a question, This is my 1st 4 stroke motor .

    Water was coming out the tell tale but weak. Now has stopped completely.
    Does not appear to be over heating, no buzzer or change in power.

    The question and problem THINK I'm seeing is this...

    At the top of the mid case just below the power head housing it's bubbling in the water like it is exhaust.

    And I have no water coming out the tell tale.

    The boat was supposed to have had a new water pump and new lower unit fluid before being parked a couple of years ago and supposedly had not bee ran since then.

    Could I have a partially stuck thermostat, plugged tell tale or the lower unit was misaligned when reinstalled?

    Let me know your thoughts or ideas?

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    Try cleaning tell-tale first, will probably fix it.
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