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BF50 stuck in forward

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  • BF50 stuck in forward

    Well, I was in a hurry tonight. Son-in-laws boat died out on the lake and I was in a hurry to launch my boat and retrieve him before a storm hit. I apparently shifted too fast between reverse and forward when taking off from the landing. The motor died (I assume from not being warmed up) and when I went to re-start, it would not shift back into neutral. So what did I screw up and how do I fix it? My 1999 Honda 50 is a tiller, by the way. Thanks!

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    I guess it pays to look for the simple things! Apparently when I went to re-start my outboard, I had opened the throttle far enough that it locked the shifter. Maybe it was the Good Lord preventing me from heading out onto the lake into the leading edge of a storm with lightening. Son-in-law ended up on the far shore and tied up at a neighbor's dock and Daughter picked him and the guys up.

    So if it wasn't for this incident, I wouldn't have gone looking for this website. It looks like it will be quite informative.