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BF75L hard starting and stalling problem

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  • BF75L hard starting and stalling problem

    My BF75 (7-1/2 hp) is hard to start and stalls unless it is on a very fast idle. I have had to set the idle speed screw at least 3 turns in (4 turns is the maximum setting) for the engine to keep running at idle. Earlier this year the engine started and idled as usual and had no problem running at very low rpms. With the idle speed screw 3 turns in, the idle is so fast that I’m concerned with damaging the gears if I shift into gear.

    These are the things I’ve done to try to fix the problem:
    -Replaced all the old fuel with fresh fuel
    -Verified that the fuel line filter is clean
    - Verified that the fuel pump strainer is clean
    -Checked all the fuel line connections and eliminated leaks at two connections
    -Disassembled and cleaned the carburetor three times. I used the spay stuff for de-carbing outboard followed by canned air to do the cleaning.
    -Replaced the spark plugs
    -Tried various settings for the carburetor pilot screw (1-3/4 to 2-1/2 turns from seated).
    None of these had any effect.

    The engine serial number is BF75L-1704426.

    Any suggestion on what else I should try? Any suggestions on what else to use for a cleaner? Can I soak the main nozzle in acetone to try to clean it better?

    I also noticed that the throttle arm spring is sitting loosely (not loaded). Could this be the cause of my troubles? My Clymer Honda Outboard Shop Manual doesn't have anything on the throttle arm spring. Is there anywhere that I can see a diagram or picture of how this spring is supposed to be installed?
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    probably need to remove and clean carb.
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