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Honda 90 slips at revs above 2000

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  • Honda 90 slips at revs above 2000

    My 2004 BF90A4LRTA has very low hours. I burn about 30 gal of fuel in a year. The boat (Bennington 20L) and motor have always been garaged. Both look new. All routine maintenance has been performed by dealer. No repairs have been required. On the first use this season (2014) running at mid range RPM (3500), engine revved quickly and hit rev limit. On restart (engine runs very smoothly!) when put in gear the prop (and boat speed) follow the revs up to 2,000. Beyond that point, the engine/transmission slips. I used this low speed to return to the dock (about 10 miles) with no issue. There is no mechanical noise that I can hear. Reverse works similar.

    Looking at the parts exploded view, I can see nothing that explains this.
    P.S. As a registered Professional Engineer, I don't mind paying for repairs that I don't want to do (or can't do). However, I cannot bring myself to take something to a repair shop with the instruction, "Please charge me what you wish to fix this. I don't know what is wrong." I prefer to go in knowing what is broken and have a reasonable idea of the cost.

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    Check your prop may have a hub slipping and need to have prop shop rehub prop.
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      Thanx for the feedback. New Prop and Hub solved the issue.