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older 9.9 4 stroke no spark help

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  • older 9.9 4 stroke no spark help

    Hello all,
    My first post and all from Alaska. Thanks for the site!
    I'm trying to start my BF9.9A and I get no spark. I pulled the plugs which are good, cleaned and gapped them. Pulled the coil and tested it which is good. Tested the emergency stop switch which is good. Still no spark, so I pulled the incoming leads of the coil and hooked up my multimeter. I got a half a volt to the coil when I pushed the starter button. The engine turns over but nothing. Is there a pulsar coil or something and if so, where?
    Any thoughts?



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    So I'm not getting any response on this so I'm going to document this as I go in hope that some others will find it useful.
    I'm not getting spark so I checked the plugs and cleaned and gapped them, tested with plug out grounded on the head while starting still no spark. Then I pulled the coil and ran my multimeter across the 2 poles at the top where the small leads attach. You must disconnect these leads in order to test the coil.
    I set the multimeter to and selected 200 on the dial. I got a reading of .08 which is in the range. I believe the range is .03 to .08 I'll check and update that later if it's different. So the coil turns out to be good.
    I then set the multimeter mack to 20volts DC and attached it to the 2 leads that attach to the coil. I hit the starter and I got .5 volts to this point. So I'm moving further back in the line of things.
    I should mention that I tested the emergency stop switch as well just in case it was stuck in the off position somehow. I followed the wires that come out of the throttle handle and pulled them out of the keeper and disconnected them. I set the multimeter to continuity and attached the leads. I got the beep when I pulled the emergency stop key from the slot. So good to go there.
    Now I'm looking at either the ignition control module CDI or charge coil which I need to know how to test. If anyone wants to jump in here and lend a hand with some advice, please do. I know a little bit about this stuff, but I'm kinda shooting in the dark from here.