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2004 Bf50 Fuel In Oil

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    Carbs may be flooding, may need to remove and rebuild carbs( if rebuild carbs then should replace fuel pump). If running a portable plastic gas tank then check tank vent, if not venting pressure off then will flood carbs.

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  • mftizgerald
    started a topic 2004 Bf50 Fuel In Oil

    2004 Bf50 Fuel In Oil

    Hey all, so I have a 04 bf50 that's been very reliable. Was out Today on a trip couple miles out, was cruising around 3000 rpm when it suddenly dropped to 2200ish, then would rev back up slowly to 3000, then drop back down. It kept doing this, as if it was starved of fuel. It did shut off a couple times, but I managed to limp back in. When I got home I pulled the dipstick, and oil came shooting out like a foutain with a very gassy smell to it. I've read up on here that it could be the Fuel pump, so I unbolted it, and took it out and primed the bulb a few times but did not see any dripping or leaks from it at all. The shop I go to can't get me in until 2 weeks, and I have $1500 worth of crab gear soaking supposed to be picked up in a week. Any ideas what the issue could be, or things to check?