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Basket Case - BF90DKO

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  • Basket Case - BF90DKO

    Hello everyone, first time honda forum poster. Long time honda automobile mechanic trying to help a friend who was given a bf90 basket case.. he was told it was a 2010 but from the serial plate on engine block the best i can tell from the stickied serial # chart is that its a 2007 BF90DKO. from looking at the motor it looks to be a marine version of either a civic or fit car engine. the coils, injectors, and VTEC solenoid, ( i can't believe they kept the vtec on these motors, guess it was cheaper. (we had a recall on the Fit motor vtec Lost Motion Springs ) i have a few questions if anyone could help it would be appreciated.

    The person who gave it to my friend said he took it in for regular maintenance. they started working on it and told him they weren't going any further and that he needed a new motor. the lower assy is off with the drive shaft. the starter is removed. Luckily I do have all the remote cables, wiring harness along with a few gauges, all the side covers and cowling. looking at the service tag on the engine its been sitting since 1016.... NO OIL !!!! uuugh

    this is the complete serial number on block.. BEBCJ- 1006052

    1- Is this really a 07'

    2- How do I determine what TYPE ? LHTA--LRTA-- XRTA

    3- What does ENG TYPE indicate ? SE

    4- Where can i get a actual service manual for it that shows complete tear down /rebuild/overhaul and electrical info ? Is there a link anywhere for online manuals that i can get some info ?

    5- Has anyone ever seen water/corrosion in the lower flywheel area ? i am guessing this is where the shop said they needed a new motor.

    6- once its running can I pull fault codes without a scanner ?

    Sorry its so long, being a retired mechanic i know info is important and I'm just trying to put as much info out here that I could.

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    Yes it is a 2007 model. The Type is the "L" is shaft length, L for 20 inch and X for 25 inch. The "H" is tiller handle and "R" is remote control. The "T" is power tilt and "A" is generation changes.
    You can get service manuals at
    Yes possible to have corrosion, usually due from salt build up on motor or parts.
    You will need Honda Marine diagnostic program to see fault codes
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      thanks for that info.

      is the corrosion in the flywheel chamber normal ?

      is there a seal or gasket that needs replaced, if so could you give me some info on that.

      also I have found through my search some have said it is a issue and there is redesigned part to correct, others said not a problem. not sure what to believe.

      if there was one, was this motor involved in the part redesign ?


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        Water will get in there, not much you can do about that. Best to remove cowl and rinse with fresh water to wash salt away after use. Spray engine down with corrosion guard or any silicone base lube.
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          the area I am talking about is under the starter in the flywheel chamber not just the general under cowl/main cover area.

          I tried to post a pic of the area I'm talking about, but the forum program wont allow it. I guess I'm too much of a newbee


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            Yes they have had a lot corrosion problems there, Have seen adapter housing completely destroyed. Parts may be hard to get, some have been discontinued.
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              what parts are hard to get ? Gasket, seal, cracked housing ????

              could you tell me or provide some links where i can find the info to what is causing the water intrusion.


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                The housing may be hard to get just need to check availability. Don't know of any links that would help.
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