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Honda BF200A rpm surging

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  • Honda BF200A rpm surging

    Sorry if this is a duplicate message- I'm new to this forum. I have a 2012 BF200A with just over 300 hours. Problem is rpm surging up to 300 rpm's at mid/upper rpm's. It is intermittent and really never know when it will occur- sometimes will run fine for several minutes and then start the surging. No missing/hesitating, just increase in rpm's almost like starving for fuel but then with changing throttle may fun fine for a few minutes. I run Non E premium fuel and have replaced plugs and O2 sensor and didn't help. No visible water in motor mounted fuel/water separator and large inline fuel/water filter is newer and seems clean.
    Any ideas? thanks

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    They had some issues with O2 sensor, might call your local Honda dealer and give them the serial number to see if all updates have been completed on it. Need to have fuel pressure checked and monitored at point when it is surging to see if have a fuel problem.
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      Thanks- I have had a Honda Dealer run the serial number- There was a service bulletin on the 02 sensor which is why I replaced it. They said it was compatible with the ECU. The more I think about it, it does seem like a fuel supply issue. Possibly I should replace both the high and low pressure fuel filters as a last try before going to the Honda Dealer for very expensive shop time. Problem is the Dealer is an hour away and really doesn't have a secure storage area - I am a guide and my boat is FULL of expensive gear. Just trying to avoid having to strip the boat. My closest dealer also really doesn't see hardly any of the large Honda outboards- the service manager told me that, but has been helpful on the phone. Probably a good idea on the fuel pressure check- I'll probably have to go on the water with a Honda service tech for that. This has been a slowly getting worse type problem.