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Need help with BF 50 dying.

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  • Need help with BF 50 dying.

    I have a 2001 Bf 50 tiller. It starts fine, runs for 15 to 45 minutes and then dies. If the engine disabling system is doing it, I don't know or understand how that works.. SO far, I have changed engine oil and filter, new gear case oil, new fuel filter and fuel pump, new thermostat, new water pump kit, new fuel line, bulb and filter, new gasoline. Head temperatures range from145 to 185 but hover between 160 and 165 while idling. Compression was 195, 185, and 190 cold and dry. They all hit 195 with a ****** of oil. Disconnecting the thermostat wire has no apparent effect.. I have flushed cooling system with air and water and only 1 small speck of something black came out. Pee hole flow is fine and just warm. ENGINE SEEMS TO HAVE GOOD POWER WHEN IN THE RIVER BUT DIES . IT WILL START, BUT IF YOU SHIFT INTO GEAR, IT WILL DIE IMMEDIATELY. Appreciate nay help or suggestions. Local Honda dealer is at least a 2 week wait before they even look at it.
    Thanx in advance for your time and knowledge.

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    Sounds like a fuel problem, do you have to pump fuel primer bulb back up to get it restarted, If so then could be a fuel delivery problem. Do you have choke it to get restarted if so then need to remove and clean carbs and do a sync and link on carbs. Do you have to let it sit for a period of time before it will restart, if so then could be an ignition problem. Check for spark on all cylinders as soon as it stalls.
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      Thank you for the input. No to choke Will do the spark check. Yes to reprime.