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2009 honda bf90 outboard think its gas

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  • 2009 honda bf90 outboard think its gas

    I have a 2009 honda bf90 4 stroke I am having gas problems I think I have changed all the lines filters pumps and injectors and plugs I have also drained the tank

    the thing the boat is doing is bogging down when you give it gas there was a lot of water in the old fuel when I changed the injectors the fuel was orange looking in color but im am pretty sure I have got all of it out

    I took it to a gay to clean out the vst tank and anything else I might have missed please help I am trying to avoid bringing it to a mechanic for money purposes but I am afraid I might have to

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    Need to have fuel pressure checked to see if pressure drops off when accelerate, if you had water in fuel the VST tank will have to be removed and cleaned and replace high pressure fuel filter as well.
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