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BF50D Low Speed Issue

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  • BF50D Low Speed Issue

    I have a new to me 18’ pontoon boat with a 2017 BF50D on it. The boat plan is to spend 50% of the time fishing and 50% cruising. I love this motor but for 2 things, it has like a hair-trigger throttle and I can’t access the rpm range 850-1250 (according to the dash tach). It will run at 850 and 1250 all day long but not in between where my trolling speed is. It seems not humanly possible to move the throttle just enough to move to say 1000 rpm. The tiniest movement results in a jump to 1250 rpm. The few times it has run around 1000 rpms it will sputter and drop to 850 in seconds. I have tried new plugs and injector cleaner with no change. The control is a top mount 06240-ZW5-U40.
    I found that Honda has a trolling speed control switch which is supposed to increase or decrease the rpms by 50 with each push in this rpm range. This seems like the solution to my lack of access to this range. I am wondering if anyone out there has had a similar experience to mine and found that this switch cured the problem, or can share any information on this switch (35345-zz3-741). Thank you.

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    Need to check for slack in throttle cable and cable adjustment at engine, Needs to have Idle air control valve checked to see if working properly and check TPS settings and operation(see if has a smooth transition in voltage as throttle up and down). To do TPS and IAC it would need to be connected to the diagnostic computer for diagnostic.
    The Troll switch would get you what you want but it only works on engine with serial number of BBEJ-1103757 and up.
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      Thank you for that information. I will get those items checked and my engine is quite a bit later than BBEJ-1103757 so I might end up with that switch. I came to this setup from an 18' Lund with an 8 HP Honda kicker which gave me infinite speed control. I hate not being able to even get close. Thanks again.


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        I had the TPS and the IAC checked and they were okay so I ordered the switch and aux. harness and connected them. It solved my problem; I can access the rpm range which I couldn't previously. If you are a fisherman it might be a worthwhile investment for you.