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BF 15 / 20 from 20" to 25"shaft ????

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  • BF 15 / 20 from 20" to 25"shaft ????

    Hi. Since I didn´t get a new bf 15/20 with 25" shaft without powertrim and remote. it is Not available in Germany. I decided to get a 20"model and buy parts for extend the shaft. Not available as a kit. By checking partslists I found out by myself the following needed parts:

    15332-ZW9-A30 GUIDE, OIL (Honda Code 6639504)
    19243-ZW9-000 GROMMET (Honda Code 6640023)
    19251-ZW9-A30 TUBE, WATER (Honda Code 6640031)
    19253-ZW9-000 RING (Honda Code 6640072)
    24311-ZW9-A30 ROD B, SHIFT (Honda Code 6640213)
    40202-ZW9-A30ZA SEPARATOR *NH282MU* (Honda Code 6641492)
    40210-ZW9-A30 BUSH, VERTICAL SHAFT (Honda Code 6641500)
    41112-ZY1-620 SHAFT, VERTICAL (Honda Code 7214844)
    41116-ZW9-A30 SLINGER, OIL (Honda Code 6641609)
    90124-ZW9-A30 BOLT, STUD (6X211) (Honda Code 6644017)
    90125-ZW9-A30 BOLT, STUD (6X162) (Honda Code 6644025)
    90205-ZY1-000 NUT, SELF-LOCK (6MM) (Honda Code 7676810)
    90301-ZV4-000 NUT, CASTLE (10MM) (Honda Code 2800498)
    90501-ZV5-A10 WASHER (20MM) (Honda Code 4367363)
    90513-921-000 WASHER (10MM) (Honda Code 0285171)
    90651-ZV5-A10 CIRCLIP (30MM) (Honda Code 4367371)
    90752-ZW9-A30 KEY, WOODRUFF (Honda Code 7200272)
    90756-ZV5-000 PIN, DOWEL (6X10) (Honda Code 3706579)
    90758-ZV4-000 PIN, SPLIT (3MM) (Honda Code 2800852)
    91203-ZY1-003 OIL SEAL (28X45X8) (Honda Code 7215452)
    91251-ZW9-003 SEAL (15X24X5) (Honda Code 6644314)
    91252-ZW9-003 SEAL, WATER (17MM) (Honda Code 8001885)
    91301-ZG3-000 O-RING (42.2X2.4) (Honda Code 3621125)
    91351-ZW9-000 O-RING (Honda Code 6644363)
    91352-ZW9-003 O-RING (59.4X3.1) (Honda Code 6671432)
    94001-06490 NUT, HEX. (6MM) (Honda Code 0286062)
    94001-06490-0S NUT, HEX. (6MM) (Honda Code 0499715)
    94540-08018 E-RING (8MM) (Honda Code 2646891)
    96220-25118 ROLLER (2.5X11.8) (Honda Code 0328146)

    So far so good. But what really is an open question for me:
    The 119240-ZW9-A31 HOUSING, WATER PUMP (Honda Code 7214174), the parts list tells me that there are different waterpumphousings. For the XL the housing seems to be larger. Does anybody know if I have to change this part also or if the longshaft pumphousing fits the x shaft too.

    And, since parts are expensive and take long to get them delivered.
    Is my partslist complete, not needed parts?????
    Anybody, by chance who wants to go the other way and has parts over??

    Thank you for an quick help.

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    Would need extension housing and bolts, drive shaft and seals to replace shaft, shift shaft and a new water tube, would need to replace water pump.
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      Thank you for the really quick answer. Understand. New waterpumphousing is needed. The guy from changed the partsnumber from my original order. Can you check if this part is the matching one I need??
      119240-ZW9-A31 HOUSING, WATER PUMP (Honda Code 7214174)
      And, if possible for you. Is my long partslist complete??

      Thank you again for your help. Peter


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        It looks ok but I don't know exact model motor you have.
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          Sorry for letting this question open. I ordered today the new outboard. It is finally a 2013 BF 20 longshaft, with tillerhandle, e-start, manual tilt. Which is simular with 2007 and Later BF15DK0 LHSA Honda.
          They did built the simular BF 20 and BF 15 for a long time also as x-shaft. But since nobody seems to need those anymore. Honda doesn´t offer them any more in europe. Thank you again for your help on my special idea....


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            Those parts should be all you need to convert.
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