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Swapping Gauges

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  • Swapping Gauges

    I have a pair of 2002 Honda 225's on my boat. The dash panels on the boat started to look crappy so I took them apart and am replacing. Once you put a new dash panel behind the old gauges they start to look crappy. Anyway, the gauges on the boat are original to it, they have a Honda label on them but I have found out that they were manufactured by Teleflex. Assuming that I move to replace, could I just order a new set of Honda/Teleflex gauges (see the link below) move the wires over and keep going? Will any old Teleflex gauge work or just the ones labeled Honda? Never done this one before, sorry if I seem naive.

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    You can use Honda's gauge sets or any other brand gauges as long as you wire them same as old gauges.
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      Great, thank you. Sounds like these things are pretty universal. Does it matter that I have a water pressure gauge and an hour meter (not LCD like the one in the link above) in the tach. Really would like to avoid replacing wire harnesses. Sounds like the drill is to remove the wires one at a time, label them, then install to the same post on the new gauge, correct?