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  • BF20 Kickup

    Looking for a solution to a problem I have with a Honda BF20 with the power tilt option. In the local river and creek I run, one occassionally hits submerged trees, limbs, or stumps - fact of life. This has never been much of a problem with other outboards as the motor simply kicks up and you continue. With my Honda with power tilt, I have been thrown out of the boat once and down in the bottom of the boat once because the tilt system will not allow the motor to kick up. I don't want to get rid of the motor if I can modify the tilt. Has anyone experienced the same problem and devised a solution? I think it is possible to replace the "eye" on the end of the tilt ram that is pinned to the stern bracket with a "wye", but the details would have to be worked out and a custom piece machined. Any other ideas or solutions?

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    Need to give Honda a call, they need to be aware of the problem.
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