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Cold start and engine shaking at 3800 RPM

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  • Cold start and engine shaking at 3800 RPM

    Hi to all.
    Just repower my 2002 WA Well Craft, 2001 2 stroke Johnson 200 hp to 2004 used Honda 225 hp -4 stroke, cannot verify the hour, nor any info from the outboard owner. After install it by the boat mechanic, go to test drive found 2 problems:
    1)Cold start problem: when I start the cranking, the engine start right up, RPM fluctuate between 700 to 1100 then die out, I have turn the ignition switch about 20 times or may be 1 min of cranking like this then the boat will run at idle and very smooth after that. My solution: Clean the IACM and reinstall it back.
    2) After planning the boat problem: when I start to planning the boat, RPM is at 3800 to 4000 running fine but after 4 to 5 minute, the engine is start shaking (jerking, miss-fire (no spitting nor back fire noise)) very bad, check the fuel bulb, pump it couple time, the fuel bulk is firm but not helping then reduce RPM to idle (neutral), engine is stop shaking, idling smooth. Starts rev up the gas, the RPM is between 3800 to 4000 the engine start shaking again. But if I turn the engine totally off, start it back then I can run the boat fine within 2 to 3 min time frame. Have to go off and on like this to get the boat to the dock. Search and read the forum then replace: the high pressure filter, fuel pump, strainer and couple o-rings in the Fuel evaporator system, the low pressure filter, the filter at the Honda Fuel/ water separator in the cowling and the Marco F/water separator.
    Then when I got test drive again the 2 problem is still happen. What should I do next? Any help will be deeply appreciate. Thank in advance.

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    Run a compression and leak down test on engine, check for spark on all cylinders with timing light, test fuel pressure. Have diagnostic run to see if any fault codes.
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      they had fuel pump problems and O2 problems and exhaust problems


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        Thank all.
        Just want to update on my problem :2004 Honda outboard 225 Hp. Took an advice , and looking for the check engine light and buzzer, but none were found, buy both from ebay and installed, look like the ECM had 3 fault codes( 1,6 and 14), reset the ECM, still have 1 code(6=ECT sensor), so i just go ahead and order ECT sensor and o-ring,O2 sensor.Waiting for the parts to come and will report the result.Thank for all your help.