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Honda BF9.9A/15A winterization

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    Need to drain gas out of carb so carb doesn't gum up from old gas.

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  • illiniphoenix
    started a topic Honda BF9.9A/15A winterization

    Honda BF9.9A/15A winterization

    So I am new to outboard engines, and will be winterizing my Honda BF9.9A/15A for the first time this weekend. I have compiled a winterization To-Do list based on my internet research, and I was wondering if there is anything I am missing?

    Run the engine for 10 minutes to warm up (using a bucket)
    Spray fogging oil in carburetor while motor is running
    Turn off motor and let all water drain from the engine
    When motor is cool enough, take out spark plugs and spray fogging oil in spark plug holes
    Change the engine oil
    Change the lower unit gear casing oil

    Any tips/advice would be appreciated!