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BF 135 Gear Box leak

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  • BF 135 Gear Box leak

    Have twin 2005 BF 135`s. Just noticed a petrolium sheen after shutting down the motors. Tracked it to the port engine, where it looks to be coming out of the mating area between the lower unit and cowling. Here`s my questions :

    1. To determine if it`s a lower unit issue for sure, do I drain the lower unit and pressurize the lower unit with air to confirm ? If so what pressure range do I use ?
    2. If this is the problem , should I reseal both the top end and the prop end even if the prop end isn`t leaking ?
    3. I just replaced both water pumps in the spring. Should the water seals have been replaced at that time ? Motors have 500 hours on them.

    Appreciate any other suggestions you may have to work through this, and thanks for your past help it`s been spot on.

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    Could be engine oil or gearcase oil leaking.
    Check gearcase oil for water in oil, if find water then replace prop shaft, drive shaft and shift shaft seals.
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