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1996 BF90 no compression

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  • 1996 BF90 no compression

    Looking for suggestions on where to go next. I have no compression on any cylinder. TDC marks line up, valve clearance is ok. Set each cylinder on tdc and pumped air into the cylinders. I could hear air escaping but couldn't tell where it was going. It didn't seem to be from the valves. I pulled the head and really can't see anything definite. The cylinder bores are smooth but have a brownish glaze to them. I'm hoping i missed something but it looks like a ring job is in my future. It just seems strange that compression is almost zero on all four cylinders.

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    If air was coming out of crankcase vent then rings are bad, if air comes out air intake then intake valves are not seating, if air comes out exhaust then exhaust valves. Since have head off have it checked for bad valves.
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