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2008 BF90 Not Peeing

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  • 2008 BF90 Not Peeing

    My 2008 BF90 has 453 hours. Had all maint preformed in Oct 2011. Today it cranked fine as always, and I just happened to check the peeing-NO PEEING.
    I was 75 feet from dock. I took the cover off, then cranked the motor, No Peeing, but noticed water coming up inside the bottom of the cowling. My guess is that the tube has come off the Pee Nosel????? Has anyone had this happen???

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    No it's not a common thing but possible, reconnect hose and recheck flow.
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      Pee hole gets clogged easily depending on what type of water you're in. Check the T junction too for debris and crud.


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        2008 BF90 Not Peeing-Found Problem

        Hi All, I took apart the housing and finally got to the small hose that came loose from the pee nosle. It did not have any type of clamp. I finally got it push back on and works fine. Hopefully this doesn't happen again.
        Thanks For the Help,


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          Good and there is no clamp on the pee hole kept on just by the flanged pee hole


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            2008 BF90 Not Peeing-Found Problem

            Well, after putting a Tie-Wrap on the hose, I ran it for an hour and it BLEW OFF AGAIN. Going to look at different type clamps.


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              2008 BF90 Not Peeing Again

              Hi All,
              Just to let you know that I backed my pontoon up on a sandbar at my home and took everything apart again, faster and easier the 2nd time. Also easier standing up working on motor than leaning over motor in water. Tie-Wrapped again and no more problems.