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Honda BF 7.5L Outboard with no spark

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  • Honda BF 7.5L Outboard with no spark

    I picked up a 1982 BF 7.5L Honda Outboard motor that had been sitting idle for 5 years. I was told it ran fine when it was put in storage. I have tested the majority of all the electrical components and switches. As of now, all of the components checked out fine, with the exception of the exciter coil which has no resistance at all when the service manual calls for 330 ohms. Honda Marine can order the coil, but I wanted to make sure this is a common problem with these motors, that I am correct in my assessment and the coil is bad, and see if you had any advice or tests that should be ran.
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    If the coil has no resistance, then I would say you are correct.
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      No Resistance

      Yep, its a single wire and the service manual for CDI says it should have 330 ohms plus or minus 10%. It measures nothing, so I believe I should be safe ordering the $68 exciter coil?


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        Exciter Coil

        Well, I finally received the exciter coil in the mail, installed it and the engine fired right up. My Ohm meter and service manual with specifications of electrical part readings did not lead me wrong.
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