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Converting BF20D tiller to remote

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  • Converting BF20D tiller to remote

    Manufacturer: Honda
    Year: 2007 or later
    Model: BF20DK0-LHA
    HP: 20 horsepower
    S/N: BAMJ-1404648

    I need the parts(part #'s) required to convert my tiller steered outboards to
    remote control. For throttle, shifting, and steering. I have the dual
    shifter, steering wheel, cables, and BF20 outboards. Basically the parts contained in Honda Europe part # 06532-ZY0-000HE.

    And please don't tell me to sell my outboards and buy remote control models. I do not want power tilt or electric start. I'm building a lightweight dual 20 hp outboard powered refurbished bayrunner for baja use and I've been told the Honda power tilt does not kick up on bottom contact (shallow bay running) plus I need need as light a weight rig as possible to minimize fuel use so I do not want a heavy battery or the heavy starters. I'm using two motors cause you can't call vessel assist where I go in baja.

    The graphics quality is poor on the online parts manuals and I cannot tell by looking at the photos what parts exactly I need.

    Thanks for anyone's help that has done this before.

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    Honda doesn't offer a conversion kit, would probably have compare parts diagram on tiller model and remote models to tell what parts are needed.
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      But Honda Europe does?

      Thanks for the response. This is bullsheet, no offense to you. Makes me want to shift to a different manufacturer. I guess I'll take this up with Honda corporate customer service...can't find reasonable legible parts diagrams online.


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        I've done it on my '04 BF20. It's super easy.

        17838 ZW9 000 linkage, pivot
        17841 ZY1 810 rod, throttle
        17877 ZW9 831 plate
        17931 ZW9 830 arm, throttle
        17932 ZW9 830 arm, shift
        17933 ZV4 000 holder, throttle rod
        17933 ZW9 830 rod, shift link
        24618 ZW9 830 pivot, shift (2)
        24619 ZW9 830 plate, lock (2)
        35618 ZW9 000 plate
        40104 ZW9 830 grommet
        40105 ZW9 832 grommet
        40108 ZW9 830 grommet
        90116 ZV1 000 bolt, recessed
        90518 ZW9 830 washer (2)
        90759 ZV1 000 pin split (2)
        91552 ZW9 830 collar
        90103 ZY1 000 bolt&washer

        The mechanical is the easy part. The engine wiring harness for remote control is different than the harness for tiller control so that must also be changed or you can't plug the throttle remote control harness into the outboard. Or do what I did and wire your own interface.

        Good Luck



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          I know some years passed but perhaps sombody looking for assitance will search here ,

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