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02 225 driveshaft bushing/bearing?

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    Number 12 in this diagram is the bushing, washer and clip is also listed if need them 2002 BF225A2 XA Honda Outboard EXTENSION CASE Diagram and Parts

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  • Dwightbarv
    started a topic 02 225 driveshaft bushing/bearing?

    02 225 driveshaft bushing/bearing?

    I just dropped my lower unit to replace the water pump impeller and noticed the
    Bearing/bushing that supports the driveshaft halfway up the shaft had almost
    Completely disintegrated. The piece that came out was a single bushing but the
    Parts people at the local dealer say its a 3 piece bearing. Will either work?
    I am confused.. Our two weeks of summer here in New Hampshire is quickly
    Wasting away... Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks.. DBA