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BF 225 lower unit

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  • BF 225 lower unit

    Hello Fellow Members.
    I just purchased a used 2004 bf 225 Honda engine fron the US coast Guard. I need to find out if the lower unit is a ccw or standard rotation unit. I did not get a prop with it but was told it was a ccw unit. I have disassembled the lower unit to replace all the seals and o-rings because of it puting gear oil into the water and found the two top bearings on the driveshaft to be bad --top one is cracked and very noisy. This is the two under the crazy looking torque nut Honda has there that takes a special tool to remove. I have found that this lower unit will rotate either direction by turning the shift rod 180deg. and inserting the dog on the opposite side. I want to make sure I run this in the right direction and purchase the right rotation prop. I am not able to see any part #s on the drive gears to determine rotation that way. Does anyone know how I can determine this? I know the gears are different --are the spiral teeth opposite on a right and left --if so can anyone id them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My nearest Honda dealer is 2 hours away and he does not have the special tool to replace the bearings and is not helpful at all. Thanks Steve

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    If it has a ring in splines on prop shaft then its a counter rotation , it has a ring behind prop shaft splines or no ring at all then it's a standard rotation gearcase.
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