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Need help with impeller change on Honda 8hp

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  • Need help with impeller change on Honda 8hp

    My parts arrived from promptly as usual; I pulled the lower unit from my Honda 8 (1997 BACL) to replace my impeller housing. That went fine, but now I can't figure out how to get the darn thing back together. I have the repair manual, but it doesn't address the issue I'm having. I got the water pump back together fine, but there's a seal with an o-ring that seals where the shifter shaft enters the lower unit and I can't figure out how to get that back in place. When I mate the lower unit, that seal is no longer accessible. I'm thinking that has to go in first because there's a tab on the impeller housing that looks like it's designed to hold it in place, but I can't figure out how to get that seal in before installing the impeller housing. It looks like maybe the shift rod needs to be disconnected at the top, but I'm a little reluctant to do that for fear I might not be able to get it back together. If anyone knows the assembly sequence, I'd sure appreciate the help. Also, the shift rod spins and so I'm not sure if it needs to be adjusted. The procedure for that would be nice to know too.

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    I'm not sure what seal you are talking about, the shift shaft seal should be pressed into seal holder in gearcase and wouldn't affect water pump assemble.
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      Yes, unless you specifically removed that seal, it should still be in there. It is a pain in the you-know-what to remove, so it is probably still in there. It's a brass adapter that has a o-ring on one end and a seal in the other end. You would have to spin off the threaded adjuster and put the new one on with the extension housing removed like you said. It is pressed into the housing and normally shouldn't need to be removed unless you are rebuilding the gearcase or if you knew there was a leak. Also, the manual says somewhere for the adjuster, thread it on all the way until it stops, then come out (going from memory here) 3 1/2 turns and line the end up with the slot and put the pin through and that should be adjusted right. You might need to adjust from there but I have never had to if you use that sequence. Good luck.