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Bf 225 wiring

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    Hard to say, depending on exact model of motors, brand of gauges, and wire harness's you are using.
    The basic gauge wiring is
    Black = ground
    Black/Yellow = 12 volts key on power
    Gray = Tach signal lead
    Red/White = Backlight in gauges

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  • oceaneco
    started a topic Bf 225 wiring

    Bf 225 wiring

    I am trying to wire a 225 twin application and having some issues. These motors are different years and i have the wiring harness for each motor. One motor has the regular round main plug at the engine side and the a smaller 3 prong plug the other has the regular round main plug and a 6 prong plug. These all mate at the engine and there is no problem.

    At the gauge end of the wiring harness is where I am having problems. I have dual tachs and trim gauges and the dual key switch with dummy lights. On the one wiring harness with the 6 prong plug at the engine there are 5 plugs at the gauge end and one plug which also has 6 prongs but has no where to plug all the other plugs connect. Do I need to use this 6 prong plug at the gauge end.

    i also need the color codes to hook up the tach and trim gauges.

    Hope this make sense! Thanks for the help...