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BF 225 thrust bearing

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  • BF 225 thrust bearing

    In my latest attempt to solve my intermittent stalling problem on my 2005 BF 225 a dealer is telling me the cause is the crankshaft thrust bearing is wore out and very sloppy. I'm told to fix it will take a new power head. Anybody have a similar experience? Is it possible to just replace the bearing? The motor only has 400 hours on it. Any info on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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    It is well known honda 225 problem.
    I did change the bearings on brand new honda block that we kept as spare
    But never change the bearings on used engine.

    If you want to keep this motor long time, it is better to get a new block and once
    Block is off make sure that your engine mounting rubbers are ok.
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      Thanks for the response TalkLess. I intend to replace the power head with the redesigned version that Honda made as a result of this known problem. I am wrestling with them trying to get them to participate in the cost. We'll see what happens. See ya.