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2002 9.9 Tiller to Remote - Part List?

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  • 2002 9.9 Tiller to Remote - Part List?

    I have a 2002 Honda 9.9 high thrust with tiller and electric start. I see lots of questions regarding the conversion but not many answers. Like others, I just want to move the the throttle and shift to remote location. I have a honda remote shifter and throttle (no key, choke, etc). Will the following part list get me there? It was accumulated by comparing schematics of my model to that with remote controls.
    Note that some of the parts like the cables, washers and clips I'm aware I'll need (2) of.
    PLEASE let me know if there is a COMPLETE KIT that does the conversion rather than buying all these parts.
    Thanks again,

    Honda 17838-ZW9-000 LINKAGE, PIVOT (Honda Code 6639827)
    Part# 17838-ZW9-000

    Honda 17841-ZW9-830 ROD, THROTTLE (Honda Code 6639835)
    Part# 17841-ZW9-830

    Honda 17877-ZW9-831 PLATE (Honda Code 7534373)
    Part# 17877-ZW9-831

    Honda 17931-ZW9-830 ARM, THROTTLE REMOTE (Honda Code 6639876)
    Part# 17931-ZW9-830

    Honda 17932-ZW9-830 ARM, SHIFT LINK (Honda Code 6639884)
    Part# 17932-ZW9-830

    Honda 17933-ZV4-000 HOLDER, THROTTLE ROD (Honda Code 2795664)
    Part# 17933-ZV4-000

    Honda 17933-ZW9-830 ROD, SHIFT LINK (Honda Code 6639892)
    Part# 17933-ZW9-830

    Honda 24618-ZW9-830 PIVOT, SHIFT (Honda Code 6640304)
    Part# 24618-ZW9-830

    Honda 24619-ZW9-830 PLATE, LOCK (Honda Code 6640312)
    Part# 24619-ZW9-830

    Honda Honda Cable (13')
    Part# 24913-ZY3-003

    Honda 40105-ZW9-832 GROMMET A, OIL CASE (Honda Code 7468796)
    Part# 40105-ZW9-832

    Honda 90116-ZV1-000 BOLT, RECESSED (5X8) (Honda Code 1986165)
    Part# 90116-ZV1-000

    Honda 90120-ZV4-000 SEE PART DETAILS - SUP; BOLT, HEX. (6X40) (Honda Code 2800381).
    Part# 90120-ZV4-000

    Honda 90512-921-010 WASHER (6MM) (Honda Code 0285163)
    Part# 90512-921-010

    Honda 90518-ZW9-830 WASHER, PLAIN (7MM) (Honda Code 6644231)
    Part# 90518-ZW9-830

    Honda 90759-ZV1-000 PIN, SPLIT (2.0) (Honda Code 1986389)
    Part# 90759-ZV1-000

    Honda 91552-ZW9-830 COLLAR (6X11X27) (Honda Code 6644421)
    Part# 91552-ZW9-830