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Laid on wrong side- wont idle

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  • Laid on wrong side- wont idle

    I didnt read the fine print and laid my 1999 15hp 4 stroke on its back not its side. I got the oil out of the cylanders and it will now run stong but wont idle. I assume there is guber in the carb. Is something I can address or do I need to poney up the 200 for the outboard ship? How far into the carb do I have to go in order to address the problem? I have already tried a spray in carb cleaner. Thanks

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    Problem resolved

    Since there are very few fixes posted, Ill add one to my own problem. The OB tech drained the fuel from the carb and problem solved. There is a drain at the bottom of the carb and then the set screw at the top needed to opened. Once he did this, the problem was solved in about 3 minutes. This may not be the solution for everyone, but you should try if if you did what I did.