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BF115 Hesitates

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  • BF115 Hesitates

    I have a Honda 2002 BF115 A2LA and I am having a problem with the engine hesitating once I start putting a load on it after a few minutes and then it will hesitate off and on for the remainder of the time. It will even get so bad that I have troubles even getting it restarted. I have been able to get it up to 5800 on the rpm gauge, but it will only run at pretty well any level for 2 or 3 minutes and then hesitates real bad untill I let it idle and then I can go again. I am told that it might be the high pressure fuel filter... We have replaced the water separator from the tank, the low pressure fuel filter, the spark plugs, the water pump, all fluids, and now I ran into this issue. I bought this engine used and it is my first honda. I have to say that it idles better than any engine that i have ever heard. Thanks, Nick