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Honda 200 225 cylinder head spark plug tube

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  • Honda 200 225 cylinder head spark plug tube


    I've got a brand new Honda 200/225 cylinder head. One spark plug tube got damaged. I may be able to straighten it (possibly using heat to soften the steel) but would rather replace it. The parts diagrams do not show this as a replaceble part.

    Does Honda (or anybody else) sell these seperately?

    It looks like the tube is pressed into the head, possibly a shrink fit (installed while head was hot). How do I remove the tube? Do I need to heat the head in an oven etc.?

    Or, does Honda (or anybody) sell a sleeve that would fit over the damaged tube after cutting away the bad section?

    Or, does anyone here have a ****n/cracked head they'd like to sell so that I can salvage a tube from?

    I'd hate to have to scrap a $3K head for lack of a $1 part

    Thanks very much for any help!!!!!!!!!!