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Need some advise on my BF35A

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  • Need some advise on my BF35A

    I am losing some oil from the crankshaft under the flywheel. This just started and seems to be erratic. I was wondering if I can replace the seal without a major teardown and if this will take care of it. I got this motor new and use it working throw lines in Red River. I probably run 60 to 80 gallons of gas thru it a year since it was new and at least half of that 80 gallons is idling. This motor runs and idles good. Its got a vibration thru the tiller handle when run wide open. In fact, it will put your hand asleep, actually hurt, when run for 10 minutes. The prop shaft is not true true but not bad out and has got good oil in the foot. Within the first year, I started getting gas in the crankcase. I run it for a year or two like this. I did change the oil 2 or 3 times a year. A Honda rep. plugged cylinder leak detectors to it and it had 2% leakage in 2 cylinders and 70% in 1. Said carbon buildup was on the intake valve. He said that was from the idling all the time. It has done it a couple of times since then, but I was able to determine which cylinders and worked those intake valves and got them to seat. Anyway, I'm wondering if this dude is starting to come apart or what. Thanks for any advise.

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    Should be able to replace top seal without tear down, but never tried it.
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