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BF40 carb rebuild

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  • BF40 carb rebuild

    From researching this fourm I can tell my engine problem is due to the ethanol in the fuel system and the crab needs to be cleaned and re-assembled. Is there a usual list of parts required to do the job? The gaskets look in fine shape and the varnish build up does not appear to be that substancial. I havent figured out the year code but it says BAYU 1000313. I think the AY may indicate a 2000 yr model. I have only had the boat and motor since Jan. and the last owner said the carbs were rebuilt in November 2010. I was running 92 octane fuel with the posted fuel ratio of "Mechanic in a Bottle". I run the boat at least twice a week and the GPS has clicked off 50 hours of run time since I had the boat. I have ditched the fuel in the tank at least twice and replaced the fuel lines and filters from the tank to the motor. The hoses on the moter appear newly replaced. Can I expect to only get 50 or more hours on a cleaned carb? Is there any plus to running the motor out of fuel after a trip? Thanks in advance!

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    It is a 2000 model, Honda doesn't offer a carb kit, just order parts needed to do the repairs. The amount of time you run the motor is not the problem, it's the amount it's not being used. May be better of draining the carbs after each use if the stabilizer is not working. Using higher octane gas doesn't really help.
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