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GEAR OIL Change at 200 hours

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  • GEAR OIL Change at 200 hours

    My boat is in a ocean marine slip and I always change my engine oil every 100 hours in the slip using the dipstick vacuum method. I cannot change the 90W gear oil until my mechanic can free up a trailer to come and get me in three weeks (trailer being used for project). My guess is that the gear oil will be approaching 190- 200 hours on it by then. I run mostly at 28000 to 38000rpm.

    I know that Honda states to changed the lower gear oil every 100 hours. I have also read that this is conservative and it is ok up to 300 hours. Does this should right?

    Is it possible to change the lower unit oil while the engine is its tilted up? I could do that. Can I suck out the lower unit oil from the top vent screw with my vacuum method? I'm reading that it must be filled from bottom up?

    I've read that many folks us the Mercury 90W on their HONDA outboards? It's blue?


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    You are not only changing gear oil but also checking for water in gearcase so yes it is important to change gearcase oil every 100 hours or yearly.
    The motor does need to be tilted down and oil drained from gearcase, can't be sucked out with vacuum pump.
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