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what conditions will prevent the fuel injectors from triggering- bf150 2005

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  • what conditions will prevent the fuel injectors from triggering- bf150 2005

    I have a 2005 bf150 that I just cleaned out the water separator(s) and drained the vapor system through the provided tube. Now the engine only cranks and does not fire. If i spray in starter fuel to the air manifold, it runs beautifully for 3-5 seconds.

    I had cleaned out the fuel system due to some water that had entered the gas line through a water separator that was not setup properly--allowed water entry by the transom. But even then, before i drained it, the motor would sputter and run for 2-10 seconds. It doesnt even sputter the first time now. I have verified that the fluid in the fuel rail is all gas or at least has gas in it... by setting a match to a sample of it.

    The only prior time that I recall having something like this happen ( cranks nicely but no ignition) was when I accidentally activated the kill switch. Then it cranked but never fired.
    THe current symptom looks just like that. THere are no other warnings except for a low battery indicator from having done so much testing on it now. (recharging now).
    I have confirmed good pressure in the fuel rail , and the fact that the starter fluid runs the motor indicates that all other systems ( including spark) are ok.

    When the kill switch is activated, it apparently disables the fuel injector electrical system. I have confirmed that the injectors are not triggering ( although one wire is getting 12v + at all times the key is on. Apparently the fuel solenoid is triggered by grounding the second wire back in the FI control box. THis is not happening.
    Also, with a metal rod to my ear I cant hear clicking during the cranking.
    Any ideas on how to proceed would be appreciated.

    Other than the kill switch, what other condition would disable the fuel injector electrical system?

    thanks in advance,

    whalerpaul - missing the best days of crabbing off San Francisco

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    It needs to checked with computer diagnostic to make sure all sensors are working properly, crank position, map sensor and throttle position sensors. Injectors can be test fired with diagnostic as well to see if they are working. If all of that is ok then may have a bad ECU.
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