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Questions on B100 ignition....

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  • Questions on B100 ignition....

    Trying to understand this ignition sys.:
    Do both cylinders fire at same time??? 1 coil and 2 plug wires coming off of distributor...

    Coil (#30500-881-004) has 3 wires to terminal, 1 to kill button , 1 from coil under flywheel, and 1 to breaker points.....
    Q: power to ign. coil from flywheel coil will go to grnd thru points when closed, so when points open ign Primary windings are energized??? Then when points close, plugs fire???
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    Yes that coil is a waste spark type coil and will fire both at same time.
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      checking coil--B100

      I'm trying to check ohms on ignition coil (30500-881-004), not getting any reading from sparkplug wires to grnd terminal... grnd to positive terminal is showing continuity.
      Got a new coil( 30500-ZV8-G01), check with ohmmeter (right out of package), same, still not getting any reading....
      I'm expecting to see ~7000 ohms from sparkplug wires to neg (coil core where it mounts to engine)....
      Is this not correct??

      How about checking the coil under flywheel that makes the voltage for the ign coil??
      Check resistance across the 2 leads???
      Value (ohms) expected??

      Checked coil on tractor, showed 7750 meter works....


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        Not sure why...

        But it's running good now!!!


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          Hello, I was wondering if your G01 trial in place of the 30500-881-004 is still working. I was told by Honda that it would not work for the 004 because it is made for a CDI. I inquired about the primary and secondary resistances because I was told by some technicians that it should be ok as long as those resistances are in the ball park.