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Shift Shaft Stuck

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  • Shift Shaft Stuck

    Please help, I have a Honda 130hp, 2001 model that the shift shaft is stuck and the motor will not shift into forward or reverse. I have pulled the seal out of the shift shaft under the breather box and that part is good. The part that is stuck or frozen is the part that goes to the lower unit. I have removed the lower unit and the problem is "NOT IN THE LOWER UNIT", it is where the seals are in the bottom of the motor housing. If you open the link below you will see part #5 in the lower left side of diagram, that is where my problem is. How do I fix this? Can I heat it a little to break free or am I going to have to remove the power head to correct? Thanks, Carl

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    You would have to remove engine to get that shaft out to clean and regrease it.
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