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running loud, and little water pumping at full speed

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  • running loud, and little water pumping at full speed

    I purchased a whaler style boat the end of last summer with a 2003 40hp honda 4 stroke. Steering wheel controls.
    When I put it in the water and drove over to the cottage I found it very a ****n muffler, and I noticed it wasn't spitting water. I slowed down and the water appeared. I trolled home so the engine had water. At the front of the horizontal skeg there. is a small piece broken off, would this cause cavitation redirecting water from the intakes.

    Is there a muffler somewhere that can cause the loud growl. Idleing its quiet, its only on plane it is loud. (Louder than my 2 stroke merc)
    Any help is appreciated.

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    It does have a muffler inside mid section, can remove lower unit and look at with a flashlight. If gearcase housing is damaged in front of water inlet screens then could be a water flow problem but not damage on skeg.
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