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BF 50 continuous alarm

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  • BF 50 continuous alarm

    My 99 BF50 has an alarm issue. Alarm only comes on at the lowest idle speed in the water. Will not come on running on muffs.Will not come on in neutral. Only in no wake zone , goes off when you give it more throttle. Oil pressure light is green and water temp light is red. I've replaced water pump, impeller, and thermostat. Just changed the oil. Feel like it is a sensor because it came on with in 2 minutes after starting , no way it got hot that fast.( peeing hood hard stream) This has been going on now for 2 yrs and I'm ready to figure out what's going on. Any help with what sensor and where its located would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can unplug temp sensor wire, if buzzer stops then is overheating or bad sensor.
    Can check to see if has 21psi oil pressure at idle.
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